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Recently I was told, my future is in my hand. The past few years of my life I’ve been struggling with the passing of my mom, my uncle, my cousins, and my best friend. Being 16 it’s been a lot to deal with and I haven’t dealt with in the best way.

Thanks to the help a team of worker and my peers I finally feel free. I can move on and do what ever I want. no one controls my destiny, but me and I make my future as bright as I want to be.

So even though I will struggle from time to time I have all I’ve learned to help and to help those around.

Never turn back on yourself. Turning back on yourself is turn back on your future self and generation, and you can’t do that because you and them deserve the best.

Thank you my treatment team and peers for helping me, and giving me the tool I need to help myself and the world.


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