One-Way Street

Winning a time machine would be awesome. However, only being able to go to the past or future is a difficult thing to decide. A choice has to be made though. I honestly would choose neither. The idea of going to the past which can be so easily changed doesn’t really sound like fun. Don’t get me wrong being able to change the course of history would be fun, but changing one things leads to ripple affects, This would change things I wasn’t even trying to change, and it probably wouldn’t turn out so go. The future would also be a dangerous place to travel as well. If I went to the future it would be like change the past in a different time period because what I did there would change the future future. So honestly there’s no way possible to time travel without changing things in drastic ways. So my and a time machine would never get along. Honestly the person who created the time machine wasted time even inventing it.


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